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Twitter is a great social networking platform.You can share ideas, article pictures as well as video clips on Twitter. Twitter's large charm is how scan-friendly it is. You can track numerous involving Twitter users and read their web content with a look, which is excellent for our modern-day attention-deficit world. Twitter has turned into one of one of the most made use of social networks platforms since it is both individual and also quick. Celebs make use of Twitter to build an individual connection with their fans. Twitter++ is a modified variation of Twitter app for iphone devices adding new attributes to the app.

▼The features of Twitter++:.

No advertisements.

Share images and also links from tweets by long pressing on them.

Share tweets to third-party applications with a tap and hold motion.

Save video clip and also GIFs to your device with tap and hold motion.

Download YouTube videos from Twitter to your device.

Set the default browser to open up when a link is touched.

Show the keyboard on Compose as opposed to media screen.

Automatic Long Tweet Development - For tweets that are over 140 Chars, Twitter ++ allows you to automatically publish tweet as an image or using pastebin.

Shows a confirmation when favoriting a tweet.

Enable full-screen view.

Video tweets of users who have obstructed you.

Download Twitter++ on iOS/Android – UPDATED
Sep 18,2021